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“Awaken Love Action is a platform that was created to use social action to put love into motion.”  Sri Prem Baba

Who we are
We are a non-profit social organization that works to reorient  relationships towards being focused in peace.

What we do
We  offer  educational  processes  that  give  the  chance  for  individual  transformation and  redefining  human  relationship.  Our  goal  is  to  navigate  toward  peace  and prosperity  to  create  a  better  world.  We  work  with  education,  the  environment  and healthcare.

With whom?
We work with those work in the social sphere and who strive for peace.

Why do we do it?
The  Awaken  Love  Action  Institute  came  into  being  in  order  to  materialize  social actions  aligned  with  the  global  humanitarian  movement  “Awaken  Love”.  We  are motivated by the experience of real transformation and the certainty that it is possible to  awaken  a  new,  loving,  consciousness  in  all  areas  of  society.  The  focus  is  in promoting  opportunities  for  development  based  in  inclusion,  balanced  relationships and respect for the environment and natural resources. We aim toward a better world where peace, joy freedom and prosperity can exist.

Where did it start?
The Awaken Love Institute was founded in 2011 and is structured to offer projects in different areas of society.


Rua Conselheiro Rodrigues Alvez, 1247
Vila Mariana - São Paulo SP - Brasil