Awaken Love House

A concept

Awaken Love House

Awaken Love would like to present the Awaken Love House, a loving refuge inside urban centers. It’s a place to recharge, participate in activities that develop human values, and to give support to the different expressions of Sri Prem Baba’s Awaken Love movement. The movement’s goal is to awaken loving consciousness in humanity.


The project began in Rio de Janeiro, and since its inauguration the Awaken Love House Rio has hosted different activities connected to self-development and elevating consciousness such as The Path of the Heart courses, the House of Prosperity, O-DGI practices, and Beija-flor mantras (a monthly meeting to sing mantras). Throughout the months Rio House has become a space for union where people get together, work, meditate, practice yoga and other physical activities, develop their gifts and talents, sing, and celebrate life.


As a pilot project in development Rio House recently took an important step toward a new loving experience. In November 2015 it implemented a new economic model; collaborative economy. The idea is to turn Rio House into a field in which to practice collaboration and trust through a relationship different from the traditional economy.

Awaken Love House is a concept, but it is also a proposal for those who are interested in making it happen in their city. Everyone is welcome in, as the House is ours.

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Awaken Love Yoga
Awaken Love Yoga

from November 17th to December 17th

Uma Nova Maneira de Viver

Participate. Be a part. Awaken Love.

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