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We believe in a new way of living life. A life with more love. Without fear. Without violence. And we are not alone in this belief. We believe in this together. The Awaken Love movement is a web that unites us all, creating spaces that connect and inspire us toward the awakening of love, and the liberation of consciousness. It is a movement that begins within us, with the practice of silence and self-knowledge, and which then expands outwards, transforming our surroundings, our society and our world. When we transform the world we will live a new life together. A life with more presence, which is more connected, more awake, more free. One which is filled with love for ourselves and others.

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Awaken Love Yoga
Awaken Love Yoga

from November 17th to December 17th

Awaken Love Global Talk March 2016

Global Talk March 2016

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