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You can join the Awaken Love movement in three ways:

1)   REGISTERING to receive our News and stay informed about our initiatives.

2)   Practicing one of six values that are the basis of all the work. This value is the SERVICE.


Truly serving means putting your gifts and talents into the world selflessly. That is, without wanting something in return. We also use a Sanskrit word to translate SERVE. The word is SEVA, synonymous with altruism.

Through seva we create conditions that promote radical inclusion, understanding that everyone can donate to a greater cause and for the benefit of the team through what we know how to do. In this way, seva is the engine of the Awaken Love movement. It’s what makes it happen!

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Today, there is already a team of people who are very dedicated to this movements growth around the world. Together, we are creating something beautiful, positive and human. At the same time, we are taking practical and objective actions in the world, which allow us to awaken the values of loving consciousness in ourselves while we serve and learn from other colleagues.  

Overall, seva is fun. People all over the world come together, connect, work and celebrate their achievements. Many friendships are born out of seva and great adventures are experienced in the most diverse of opportunities, from fighting forest fires in Brazil to building a camp in the middle of the most spiritual festival in India, the Khumba Mela. Many stories and countless memories of joy and emotion can be told around seva.

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We want to keep growing, receiving new people who identify with the cause and want to serve. For this, we are organized into departments and will designate openings so that everyone can easily see how and where they can contribute.

You can fill in a general form so that we receive your profile in our database and we can find it when there is need or to signal your interest in a place that is already announced. 

At the moment, we are following volunteers on these areas:

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Art Director / Designer who works with Photoshop or Illustrator;
Webdesign with experience in HTML, PHP, JS, CSS;
Social networks Experts (facebook, instagram, linkdin etc);
Web Project Management;

Direct of Photography / Cameraman;
Videographer / Animator;
Direct sound mixer;

Professional Photographers
Treatment and image completion;
Organization stock photos;

FOTO 04_traducao

Writing Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese.

FOTO 05_eventos

Stage production;
Decoration (preparation of flower arrangements);

Stores (physical): stock count, merchandise control and organization of products;
Financial (Closing flow and cash balance);

Closing flow and cash balance

Management, programming and testing (to work with PagSeguro system);
Web Developer (PHP / Java Script / Perl / Ruby) Knowledge in Apache / Linux- Photography:

New Projects;
Founders and developers Startups;
Business management;
Below you will find our organization in departments and a brief description of them:

Central Coordination
Team dedicated to maintaining the cohesive and coherent whole essence of the Awaken Love movement.

Global & Local Coordination
Team dedicated to facilitating communication between the network of people across the world, at a local and global level.

Communication & Marketing
Team composed of journalists, editors, publicists, designers, project managers and others to make online and offline communication happen in alignment with the values of the movement.

Working with Communication & Marketing teams, all audiovisual content is produced by this team.

In cooperation with Communication & Marketing teams, all photographic content is produced by this team.

Is the team dedicated to thinking through and formatting, in an intelligent and interesting way, all of the content produced by the movement, whether it’s audiovisual, photographic or otherwise.

To be a global movement, we have a great team of multilingual translators – English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Hindi, etc.

Team dedicated to managing the organization’s finances.

Team dedicated to looking at the legal and judicial matters of the organization.

Information technology specialist team that promotes the technological readiness that the organization needs.

Team dedicated to advancing fundraising and the sale of income-generating content. 

Seva Team (Human Resources)
Team responsible for organizing and assisting all who come to contribute to the movement.

Seasons & Ashrams
The Awaken Love movement is linked to the teachings of Sri Prem Babathat hosts seasons in Brazil and in India in their ashrams (venues for spiritual practices). The Seasons and the Ashrams have specific demands and therefore have a dedicated team that looks after those needs. 

For questions, please contact us by email: