O-DGI, abbreviation of The Awakening of the Inner Warrior, is a martial way whose main goal is to bring peace and accomplishment into people’s lives. We are all aware of the existing chaos in the outer world, but such chaos is merely a reflex of our inability to deal with our feelings and emotions. O-DGI presents us with a specific path so we can strengthen our will to the point where we are no longer taken by the conditioned mind’s reactive impulses rather we stay firm in our own centers. Braced to our centers we do not give in to laziness, to gluttony, to fears, and everything that paralyzes our accomplishment.

This path was first taken by Fernando Belatto, the method’s Sensei, who was an assiduous Jiu-Jitsu competitor for 10 years, earned many titles, and regardless still felt incomplete. To learn more about his story, click here

The O-DGI path is accomplished through two different but complementary trails: O-DGI Open and O-DGI Way.

The principles that guide our Dojo (Place of Practice)

Our school’s martial culture is guided by the 6 Awaken Love movement values, created by Sri Prem Baba, Fernando Belatto’s Master and the Great Sensei of O-DGI School of Martial Culture. The 6 values support the main behaviors studied here at our school.

1) Value: Honesty

Behavior: Acknowledge the Dojo as a Sacred Place 
The method begins to bring its deep benefits when, truly, the practitioner is able to acknowledge the Dojo as a sacred place, where self-knowledge can be developed and in doing so bring respect and honor into the practice.

2) Value: Self-responsability

Behavior: Be willing to gain self-knowledge 
It is only possible to move towards a culture of peace if we look sharply to all the war within ourselves. If we manage to have the necessary courage to see our responsibility in the conflict and how to transform it.

3) Value: Kindness

Behavior: To take actions through good behavior 
Learn to be kind to one ’s self and to others. Be willing to receive new people in the Dojo, acknowledging them as the divinities they are. Kindness is of extreme importance in the Marcial Art for this value allows for the end of aggressiveness and opens doors for the true martialness to express itself.

4) Value: Dedication

Behavior: Share with the world the acquired knowledge 
The purpose of a warrior is to accomplish the mission. Here our mission is to awaken the conscience and the culture of peace in the Martial Arts. As we evolve in our comprehension, we should dedicate ourselves to take this message further, helping more and more people to regain their pacific essence.

5) Value: Service

Behavior: Broaden the conscience of Serving 
Samurai means “the one who serves”. This is one of the greatest virtues of a warrior, for to serve is to give one’s self fully without desiring anything in exchange. Through many practices (such as cleaning the Dojo, taking in the newest students, etc. …) we practice this virtue so that one day we may surrender fully to serving, this is the essence.

6) Value: Beauty

Behavior: To practice both inner and outer beauty 
This is the consequence of all the accomplished work, for if we manage to Express all the other values, we are sure to build something beautiful and truthful. In order to never allow this to fall into oblivion, we must continue practicing inner cleansing always. Outer cleansing is both a consequence and an exercise of purification for the Inner Warrior.

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