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You ask me about the waters. There is a water shortage here in São Paulo and in some cities in the Americas, and an excess of water in other places, an excess of rain that has lead to the death of many people.

It is said that water is the source of life.  Water is a manifestation of life itself.  This imbalance that is taking place, this profound water shortage in many cities of the Americas, the excess of rain in others, this is truly showing that there is a profound imbalance in the cycles of life.  The waters are trying to teach us something very important.  I feel that we have forgotten the greater purpose for usbeing here.  The climate change is a very serious alert.  There’s a red light flashing, saying that either humans expand their conscience in order to remember the purpose of their existence, in order to reestablish their harmonious relationship with nature, or they will become extinct as a race.  Thisis not just any moment.

The waters are bringing deep and meaningful teachings.


Vídeo: The effect of climate change on this planet

What is there to learn from this environmental crisis?

We have much to learn.  We have a rare opportunity to review our entire evolutionary journey, review our choices, review our role within this game of life.  We as human beings have become very arrogant, and have been pushed to consume, argue, accumulate and to distance ourselves from nature, this causes the crisis itself. It even brings us to the possibility of extinction.  It seems exaggerated of me to speak in this way, but it is not.  It is a fact.The water shows this to us.

Where does such a deep greed come from? What causes humans to take more from nature than we need, be it minerals, water or anything else?

It comes from the same place that makes us want to exert power over another.  Within the human being there is a compulsive desiring.  This compulsive desiring (I want, I want) is a way of relievingthe deep anguish of not knowing who we are.  There is lack of identity.  There is a forgetfulness.  The human being feels themselves lost. This creates deep loneliness and existential anguish.  We try to fill this up through this compulsive desiring.  It’s not even the desire, because desire is something that is easily met.  You want a car, you get a car, you want a house, you get a house.  But it’s neverenough, we always want more, because what relieves anguish is the impulse of desire.  This desiring is at the service of adding value to the idea of who we are.  This is why I say that spirituality is really at the root of the problem.

This issue of water shortage is so serious that there seems to be no solution,  Is there one?

I feel that there is.  Human kind has an impressive capacity to find solutions, to create, to transform.  As long as there is really space for inspiration and insight.  The solution comes out of a crisis, it comes out of chaos.  Perhaps, before it gets better, it will get a bit worse.  The solutions may bringon an even greater economic problem, they may be very expensive solutions, as we have seen in other countries, there are countries such as Israel that are taking the salt out of sea water.  I don’t know if we will need to come to that stage, but it’s just an example of possible solutions.

This is speaking about the outer to the inner, of material solutions.  This is dealing with symptoms. But, if we were to look at the effect, we are still far.  We must learn to meditate, to truly pray, wemust get to know ourselves.



The humanitarian leader mobilized hundreds of people to collect garbage from the banks of the Ganges River India. The aim was to bring the attention of the people and the authorities to the challenges connected to the preservation of rivers. 


In 2014 Sri Prem Baba was invited to participate in the International Green Vision Conference with environmentalists, scientists, spiritual leaders, members of public administration and local people.

The conference took place in Parmarth Niketan Ashram, in Rishikesh, and was promoted by the Ganga Action Parivar NGO, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, GIWA-India and Navdanya. The objective of the conference was to discuss how to transform the tragedy of the flooding that happened in the Himalayas (known as the Himalayan tsunami) into an opportunity to develop an environmentally sustainable means of economic and social growth.

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This invitation was the fruit of an alliance formed in 2013 during the Maha Kumbh Mela*, with the Ganga Action Parivar. Several movements were put into motion from this partnership, as well as artistic activities and meetings with political and spiritual leaders to seek ways to conserve water.  During the festival, Sri Prem Baba gathered people from over 40 countries to launch a global movement of Water and Spirituality. The movement was created by citizens and supported by a network of institutions who are aware of the need to give a new meaning to the relationship to water in society. This movement is petitioning to propose to the UN that the official theme of the “World Day of Water” become “Water and Spirituality”. This would be in order to guideactions, reflections, and concrete activities that promote public awareness.


Maui In May 2014, Sri Prem Baba was invited to participate in Youthing ,an event which deals with quality of life related to healthy diet, in Maui, Hawaii, where the Awaken Climate Alertmovement began. It was created to bring attention to questions related to the environment. During this occasion, Sri Prem Baba gathered local leaders to discuss the impact that diet has on climate change, and the role that political leaders have in dealing with this, as well as the distorted way in which we treat nature.


In Brazil, Sri Prem Baba has been invited to events led by the NGO SOS Mata Atlântica and by the Limpa Brasil – Let’s do it! movement to publically speak about water.

In São Paulo, Sri Prem Baba met with Sabesp’s (The State of São Paulo basic Sewage Disposal Company) ex president. She invited him to visit the Sistema Cantareira, one of the largest water producers in the world, administered by the company. He had the chance to see the severity of the water crisis in São Paulo with his own eyes. 

In Alto Paraíso, Sri Prem Baba met with the town hall to also deal with issues related with the preservation of São Bartolomeu river, which feeds the Tocantins basin: the main river basin in Brazil. 

FOTO 07 – SOS Mata Atlântica

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