Casa da prosperidade

Prosperity House

Our passion

Our passion is committing to be of help to you in taking your place in the world. We are building a network of people that know that they can flourish and that life is more than just waiting for Friday and dreading Monday.

Our vision: a culture of prosperity

The richness of living comes from dedicating our gifts and talents to the service of the common good. When each person is connected and their purpose, their unique internal command, expresses itself, they experience prosperity. A culture of prosperity becomes possible as more people comprehend, activate and discover their individual purpose. When the purpose is activated it becomes a continual source of fulfillment as well as a path of learning and growth.

Our path: get to know yourself

Our methodology is different because of its emphasis on self-knowledge. The human condition is such that we all have a higher and lower nature. Our facilitators and methodology explore both. We will help you to identify and overcome the persistent challenges and limiting beliefs of the lower nature. A lasting change demands work and deep reflection. It is possible to learn things about yourself that you never considered, and to use this as a base for your connection with where you feel most alive.  

Join us

Most people avoid this kind of work, but the willingness is growing. Each human being’s potential is one of flourishing and living a meaningfully deep life. We disagree with the idea that happiness comes from a formula that goes from the outside in, and that works for everyone. Although feeling the lack of your own purpose is a universal condition, your expression is unique. We invite you to put your purpose into movement in order to benefit yourself and the world. Join us!

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