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from November 17th to December 17th

From November 17th to December 17th, we will launch the first teacher training course of Awaken Love Yoga, which is a yoga style based on the teachings of Sri Prem Baba. It is a 4-week intensive of 200 hours and will be held at the Alto Paraíso Ashram. On completion you will receive an international certificate.

Even though the style being taught is Vinyasa yoga, the course seeks to bring together practically all the tools of the Yoga Universe. The teacher will get to know and experience the techniques in-depth, as well as how to apply them in classes according to the age profile, mental state and emotional development of the student.

The classes will be facilitated by a group of teachers and will be translated into English and Portuguese. The course is open to all, regardless of whether you have already done another yoga training. The course is also for you who want to go deeper into their own practice, even if they you no interest in becoming a teacher.
Our daily schedule will blend theoretical and practical lessons, amounting to 200 hours of immersion.

Below are the topics to be studied and practiced throughout our 4-week intensive:
- History of Yoga
- Philosophy and Fundamentals of Yoga
- Main Sacred Scriptures
- Commentary on the Yoga Sutras by Sri Prem Baba
- Practical study of the Bhagavad Gita
- In-depth study of Jnana Yoga, the yoga psychotechnology, which is the language of Sri Prem Baba
- Knowledge about Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga
- In-depth study in the Yamas and Niyamas united with the language of the six values of Awaken Love
- Chakras, Kundalini and other psychotechnologies
- Meditation and applications
- Anatomy and its applications in asanas
- Therapeutic approach to asanas
- Main asanas and their functions
- Corrections, adjustments
- Main tools of yoga (pranayama, mantra, bandha)
- Course planning and techniques for teaching
- Deepening classes
- Introduction to Yoga for Pregnant Women, Children and the Elderly.
- Yoga Nidra
- Trataka
- Cleaning Practices (Pradhana Dauti)
- Introduction to Ayurveda and a Yogic Lifestyle
- Non-Violent Communication for Teachers
- The Business Aspect of Yoga

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