Awaken Love

The Awaken Love movement was born out of gratitude. It was inspired by the question: How can we put the grace and blessings we have received at the service of others; of society and the common good?It was from this inquiry that a vision came: How would a society guided by values such as honesty, self-responsibility, kindness, dedication, service and beauty be? These are the so-forgotten virtues of the soul.

How would politics, the economic system and education be if they were based in these values?

The moment we live in is such a critical one, precisely because of these values having been forgotten. These values are what make the expression of a loving consciousness possible.

These days to speak about love and peace can even offend some. Many find it corny, ridiculous: Peace and Love. The human being ended up getting accustomed to suffering, to war, they got used to being in destructive relationships. But we have come to the limit of what can be borne.

And so the inspiration for this movement arose. The intention is to awaken loving consciousness in all parts of society through partnerships, agreements and blessed meetings.  The aim is that together we can put the human beings best into motion.

Every human being has gifts, talents, and presents to be shared with the world. When we dont share them, we inevitably suffer the pain of separation and an anguish created by the feeling of not fitting in the world.

This is perhaps the primordial anguish: What am I doing here? Who am I? Who inhabits this body?

But even before asking these questions, we ask: What is it that I came here to do? Why do I get up in the morning?

These questions are answered when we can identify our gifts and talents and put them at the service of love and union. Regardless of what your talent or gift may be. This is not dependent upon any external condition. Here we have artists, engineers, doctors, garbage collectors, gardeners, popcorn makers and sound technicians. Each one is giving their best. When you give your best you feel like you belong, you take your place in the world. You free yourself from the deep anguish of not knowing what you came here for.



When your gifts and talents are placed at the service of love, this love passes through you to reach others. Joy and prosperity pass through you to reach others. You inevitably feel in harmony with this universal current of peace and prosperity.

This movement aims to give every human being the incentive to put their gifts and talents at the service of love.